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9 beautiful – Lovely – Most popular Japanese dog breeds today!

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Are you looking to buy a Japanese dog? Are you wondering which breed to choose? Is it easy to take care of Japanese dogs? Let’s find out right in the article below

I. Are Japanese dogs difficult to raise?

Puppies from the land of the rising sun are famous for their beautiful appearance, cuteness, intelligence and exceptional loyalty.

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Besides the above reasons, what makes many people choose to buy is because this dog is very easy to care for.

Japan Dog

During the care process, you only need to pay attention to nutrition: Do not eat raw or cold foods, avoid sour fruits, starchy and dry foods such as bread and potatoes.

Note: You should create a regular schedule every day to take your dog out for exercise to relieve the negative energy accumulated during the day.

Another important thing when raising dogs that you cannot ignore is vaccination and regular use of anti-helminthic drugs.

II. Classify types of Japanese dogs through pictures

There are many types of Japanese dogs , but the most famous is the poodle breed that is raised quite a lot by the Japanese Royal Family.

In addition, there are many other famous Japanese dog types such as Shiba Inu. This is the character chosen to play the role of Mr. Vang in a newly released movie of the same name

1. Akita Inu/Hachiko

The loyal dog Hachiko still waits for his owner to come home from work every day at the train station even though the owner has passed away a long time ago. The story has touched the hearts of millions of viewers, in the movie Hachiko is the Akita Inu dog.

akita dog

Akita Inu is a dog named National Dog in Japan. Akita Inu has a tall body, short fur, toned body, small eyes, and pricked ears. The Akita Inu always exudes a lovely, serious look that makes many people excited.

They have a calm personality, but in some cases they also seem extremely playful and like to have fun.

2. Shiba Inu

Although the Shiba Inu looks quite similar to the Akita Inu, it has a small body and a famous “Comedy” face. They are known as the “expressive gods” of dogs, because of the funny, smiling expressions on their faces.

Japanese dog breed

Shiba Inu also has some advantages such as: a gentle personality, likes to be spoiled, and is always conscious of keeping the body clean. This explains why single women always want to own their own Shiba to ease their sadness.

2. Hokkaido

Having a strong and toned body like an athlete, Hokkaido dogs are powerful hunters.  Coming from the homeland of snow, Hokkaido, this dog breed has an active, strong and courageous personality.

Japanese dog

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With their dynamic personality, they are not suitable for keeping in cramped apartment buildings. If you have one, you should take your dog for a walk twice a day, early in the morning and late in the evening, to change the atmosphere.

3. Japanese Mastiff

Although not as famous as the above dogs, you will be completely stunned when you first see the Japanese Mastiff dog.

The body is massive and sturdy like a towering citadel. Along with that, their majestic and brave stance will make you both excited and a little scared when meeting them.

Japanese Mastiff

The personality of the Japanese Mastiff is similar to its appearance. They are calm but ready to fight to the end to protect their owner or territory.

With its great physical advantage and black and yellow fur, the Japanese Mastiff is almost certain to win in every fight. This is also one of the rare and expensive pet breeds.

4. Furry Japanese Pho

If you need a standard puppy, mini size to care for and caress them every day, then the Japanese furry dog ​​is the perfect choice.

Japanese Pomeranian

They are small and adorable with 4 short legs and big, round, innocent eyes. Japanese Chin dogs love to exercise and have fun, but you will encounter many troubles with their fur.

5. Kishu Inu

Kishu Inu is also a hunting dog but has an appearance similar to Shiba Inu. If the guys mentioned above have many colorful colors, the Kishu Inu line only possesses a pure white color.

japanese dog

They are not as strong as Akita and are far less adorable than Shiba. However, when faced with a dangerous situation, courage will not lose to any breed of dog

6. Long-haired Japanese Poodle hybrid dog

Try to imagine how a long-haired Japanese dog crossbred with a curly-haired Poodle will create the F1 generation?

The results will be beyond your imagination. You will have a floppy-eared Poochin with flowing “hair” like a prince.

beautiful Japanese dog pictures

The Japanese Poodle hybrid dog inherits all the lovely features of its parents with its characteristic short physique and cute personality.

7. Kai-ken

In Japanese, Tora means “tiger”. Because, the Tora Inu dog breed has a characteristic brindle coat and a strong appearance like a tiger.

dogs in Japan

This is a hunting dog breed with a great personality and an extremely sharp sense of smell. This dog breed is very cautious with strangers but is very friendly with children and the elderly in the family

8. Shikkoku Inu

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Perhaps this is the dog breed with the most popular appearance, having many similarities with grass dogs in Vietnam. Shikkoku Inu has a tall but not too big figure, dark fur with gentle eyes and a curled puffy tail.

Japanese dog mixed with grass dog

Shikkoku Inu loves to be stroked and played with its owner as well as other dogs around the house.

9. Kawakami Inu

Kawakami Inu is said to be a descendant of Wolf dogs and Shiba Inu. It is completely understandable that they possess the independent hunting ability of a wolf and the cuteness of a Shiba Inu.

How to raise a Japanese hybrid dog

With the rapid development of society, the forest area is shrinking day by day. Therefore, the natural mating process between Shiba and Wolf dogs cannot take place regularly, causing the number of Kawakami Inu born to decrease significantly.

Currently, it is estimated that there are only about 80 Kawakami Inu individuals left throughout Japan.

III. What do Japanese dogs eat?

For Japanese dogs, the diet needs to be carefully selected to keep the pet healthy. But what to feed Japanese dogs is something that many owners do not understand.

If you are also confused about this issue, please immediately refer to the useful information below.

What do Japanese dogs eat?

Imported Japanese dogs need to be fed according to each age. Diets  need to be made in accordance with the following recommendations from veterinarians: 

  • Stage <3 months old

Puppies under 3 months old should be fed breast milk because their stomachs are not yet fully developed. In addition, you can also feed your pets thin porridge simmered with stewed chicken or minced pork.

  • Stage > 3 months old

At the age of over 3 months, the dog’s digestive system is much more complete. You can feed your pet with soft foods specifically for dogs, such as: simmered bones with minced lean meat and vegetables. 

Japanese mini dog food
  • Stage > 6 months old

At this time, you need to supplement foods with lots of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you should feed your pet eggs in combination with the foods from the previous stages. At the same time, add cheese and salmon meat.

In short, the diet should be based on the age and actual condition of each child. You need to follow the correct recommendations to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. This is the best way to protect your dog’s health and bring the best development.

Japanese dwarf dog daily food

II. The disease is common in Japanese dog breeds

Diseases that Japanese dogs often encounter:

  • IBD
  • Diarrhea
  • Rabies
  • Skin diseases: scabies, sores, parasites, hair loss
  • Tapeworm infection
raising Japanese dogs

To prevent the above diseases, you should let your dog eat hygienic food. Canned food is also a good choice to help ensure safety and save cooking time

You should schedule regular check-ups and vaccinations for your dog to prevent and promptly treat new diseases that arise.

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