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What is a seal? How to stamp in business

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According to archeology, seals appeared in Vietnam from around 257-147 BC. In feudal times, seals were used by kings and mandarins, representing the power of the issuer, that is, they were legal. Nowadays, seals are commonly used according to the provisions of law. In addition to legal seals, there are also non-legal seals.

There are 7 countries in the world that require the use of seals: Vietnam; China; Japan; Russia; Myanmar; North Korea and Bhutan. In the remaining countries, the use of seals is not mandatory or regulated. There are many countries that have abandoned seals such as: USA (1995), UK (1989), Australia (1998), Canada (1971), Hong Kong (2014)…

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Over the past ten years, there have been many opinions that seals should be eliminated in administrative procedures. The management and use of seals has many shortcomings such as wastefulness, lack of security because counterfeiting is too easy… Current types of digital signatures and electronic signatures can completely replace seals. However, everything is still being considered and commented on.

What is a seal?

A seal is an item used to make marks on documents and other items. There are two basic types of seals: legal seals regulated by the state and non-legal seals based on usage needs.

The definition of legal seal prescribed by the Government is as follows:

Seals are special means of representing competent agencies and organizations issued by competent state agencies. Used to stamp documents and papers. 

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Legal seals regulated by the state include: seals of state agencies and seals of other organizations. Among them, other organizations are: businesses, companies, organizations… licensed by the state to operate. The management and use of legal seals comply with the following regulations:

Classification of seals

There are two main types of seals: legal seals regulated by the state and non-legal seals based on usage needs. In particular, legal seals prescribed by the state include seals of state agencies and legal seals of other agencies and organizations.

Legal seal

Is the seal of state agencies and the legal seal of businesses and organizations. This seal is round, red ink, issued according to state regulations and management. It confirms the legality of documents and documents issued by businesses and state agencies. Legal stamping must comply with the provisions of law.

The seal is not legal

These are seals that arise based on user needs, not issued by a state agency. There are many shapes such as round, square, rectangle, oval, ellipse, letter. With different colors like red, blue and other uncommon colors…

For example:

  • Title stamp: General Director, Director, Department Head… Name stamp: full name
  • Correct mark: used to correct errors in text
  • Departmental stamp: similar to the legal stamp of a company or organization but has no legal nature. Only shows the place of issuance of the document
  • Copy copy, compare original copy
  • Information stamp or address mark…
  • Cash collected, money spent, paid are common types of cashier signs

How to stamp in businesses, companies, organizations

For legal seals of businesses, companies, and organizations, the stamping is based on State regulations. Mainly regulations on archives, regulations on management and use of seals. There are 3 ways to stamp: signature stamp, hanging stamp and border stamp.

Signature stamp

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What is a signature stamp? A signature stamp is a stamp stamped on the signature of the person with authority to issue a document. In a business, the person whose signature is stamped is the director or the person authorized by the director.

Documents that require signature stamp: Labor contract, decisions, official dispatches, notices (can have, maybe not), power of attorney, letter of introduction… Documents issued by the enterprise with the signature of a competent person to individuals, businesses, state agencies…

How to stamp a signature
  • Seal after having the signature of an authorized person, do not stamp without a signature.
  • Seal clearly, in the right direction and use the correct ink color (red).
  • The seal stamped on the left covers 1/3 of the signature of the competent person. Part of the mark covers the title part and the full name part.

Affixed seal

What is a border mark? A border mark is a mark stamped on the left or right edge of the text. Documents with 2 pages or more need to have overlapping stamps on all pages. This shows the seamlessness of the text. Avoid changing the content of pages in the document.

How to stamp the border
  • Arrange the document pages in a fan shape. Stamp once covering all pages.
  • Border marks must be guaranteed to appear on the margins of all document pages.
  • The stamp does not overlap the text content.

Hanging mark

What is a hanging mark? A hanging stamp is a stamp stamped on the first page of a document, covering part of the name of an agency, business or the name of an appendix attached to the main document.

Some businesses put stamps on internal documents for announcements in the agency or on the left corner of the red copy of invoices. Putting a stamp on a document does not confirm the legal value of that document, but only confirms that the stamped document is a part of the main document.

How to make a hanging stamp

Close above the first page of the document. Usually in the upper left corner. Can cover part of the name of an agency or business

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