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Top 10 most raised dog breeds in America

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America has always been known as the most dog-loving country in the world. For people in this country, dogs are not simply pets but also a close friend and a family member.

The dogs are carefully cared for and pampered. If you have the opportunity to go to America, you will easily see people here regularly walking their dogs on the street.

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And the following article will introduce to you the Top 10 most raised dog breeds in America .

The first name on this list must definitely be Labrador Retriever. Not only in the US, Labrador retrievers are also known as the most popular dog breed worldwide .

Labrador Retriever is the most loved breed in my country
Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America

Labrador Retriever is also known by the familiar name of Lab dog, this breed is a hunting dog in America and is often used to bring downed prey back to its owner during hunts.

The characteristic feature of this dog breed is that they are extremely intelligent, gentle and friendly. They love being close to humans, especially children.

Labrador dogs are very loyal and obedient to their owners. Because of their intelligent nature, they are now used a lot to guide the blind.

The Bulldog, also known as the English Bulldog, is a breed of dog that originated from the Asian Mastiff but only really developed in England. In the past, people used them for bloody battles with ferocious bulls.

For English Bulldog
English Bulldog

The Bulldog has a rather majestic appearance, characterized by a large face, flowing facial skin and forehead arranged in layers that look very funny.

Despite having a somewhat aggressive appearance, Bulldog dogs have a gentle, friendly and lovable nature, especially they are always gentle with children.

This breed of dog loves to receive attention from its owner, then it will become docile and very obedient. Besides, they also have very good guarding abilities and are a very reliable housekeeper.

French Bulldog, also known as French bulldog, is a dog breed originating from France but originating from England and is considered a miniature version of the English Bulldog.

For Bull Phap
French Bulldog

This dog breed is small in size but looks very majestic with a toned and neat body. The French Bulldog is loved by many people because of its friendly, pleasant, alert and active personality but not too hyperactive.

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They are considered an intelligent, obedient and easy-to-train dog breed. They are very emotional and have the ability to express their status through their faces.

This dog breed is very sociable with people around, especially children, and can live with other animals.

Terrier – A dog breed that many people raise in America

The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier is a terrier breed originating from England and is currently widely raised as a pet dog in the United States.

Cho Suc Yorkshire
Yorkshire Terrier

In the past, they were widely raised for use in catching mice. This breed of dog has a small appearance and is nicknamed pocket dog because people often carry it in their pockets to travel.

Despite its small appearance, this dog breed is quite strong, active, full of energy and always appears energetic.

Yorkshire Terriers are smart, alert and agile. They are very friendly, adorable and like to be close to humans.

Intelligent, loyal German Becige dog breed

The German Shepherd is a dog breed originating from Germany. Currently, this is not only the most popular dog breed in America but also the most popular all over the world.

For Becgie duc
German Shepherd Dog

Initially, German Shepherds were used in herding sheep, so they were also called sheepdogs. Gradually, people turned them into household pets.

This dog breed is extremely intelligent and loyal to its owner. In addition, they are also very brave and have very good guarding abilities.

The German Shepherd is a relatively aggressive dog breed, but if you train it properly, it will become very docile and obedient.

Golden Retriever – A favorite dog breed in America

Golden Retriever is a very popular dog breed around the world and has been raised a lot in the US for many years. They were first bred in the British islands.

Cho Golden Ritriever
Golden Ritriever Dog

Golden Retriever dogs possess a balanced and healthy body with creamy yellow to golden brown fur that looks quite adorable and beautiful.

The common characteristics of this dog breed are that they are extremely intelligent, gentle, friendly and love to play. Besides, Golden Retriever dogs are also very loyal and are a close friend of many families in America today.

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Along with German Shepherds, Rottweilers are two very famous dog breeds originating from Germany and are widely raised in the world today.

For Rottweiler
Rottweiler dog

This dog breed has the common characteristic of possessing a large, muscular body with remarkable strength and is famous for its excellent pain tolerance.

Today, the Rottweiler is one of the dog breeds loved by many people because of its alert, intelligent, loyal nature and very good protection and guarding ability.

In addition, this breed of dog is also raised a lot in police training.

Poodle has a loving and intelligent appearance

Poodle is a famous furry dog ​​breed all over the world. The characteristic feature of this breed is that they possess extreme intelligence compared to other dogs.

So Poodle
Poodle dog

Poodle dogs are extremely intelligent, they have the ability to perceive and learn very quickly. This dog breed can fulfill many human requests well without needing too much training.

Besides, this dog breed also has a good nature and is very gentle. They always appear happy and sociable with everyone around them. That’s why Poodles are always loved and raised a lot.

Beagles are a widely bred dog breed in the United States

Beagles, also known as greyhounds, are a very popular hunting dog breed and are raised a lot in the United States.

cho Beagles
Beagle dog

This dog breed has a characteristic soft, tricolor coat. Beagles are easy to raise, gentle and friendly to everyone. They love to play and be close to people, especially children.

Beagles have an active nature and love to explore, so they are suitable for raising in larger spaces. They are very obedient and loyal to their owners.

Boxer Dog – An intelligent, agile boxer dog breed

Boxer is a fighting dog breed originating from Europe and bred from Bull dogs. The reason it has the name boxing sport is because this dog loves to use its front legs like boxers.

For Boxer
Boxer dog

Boxer dogs have a neat, balanced and toned body. They are very strong and extremely agile.

Loyalty and intelligence are the common nature of this breed. They love to learn new things, are affectionate, attached and love to be close to their owners.

Boxer dogs are also very active, cheerful and love to play. Their instinct is to protect and be companions. They will be very obedient and docile if they receive proper care and attention from their owners.

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