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What is a visa? How to classify visas

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To go abroad, first you need a passport, then you need a visa, also known as a visa. So what is a visa and what types are there, are there any documents that can replace a visa? All will be answered soon. 

What is a visa?

A visa is a document issued by a competent authority of one country to citizens of another country. Accordingly, the holder is allowed to enter and exit that country with a certain number of entries and time of entry.

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Visa translated into Vietnamese is visa. People often call it visa to distinguish it from the bank’s visa card.

Why do I need to apply for a visa?

The migration crisis broke out in Europe in 2016 and its consequences were continuously reported in the press. However, that is just the tip of an iceberg.

Illegal migration and illegal labor are always painful problems in developed countries. People in countries with developing economies find ways to go to developed countries, and escape to work illegally. Because income levels in developed countries are very high, many times higher than in their countries. Or the unstable political and social security situation in countries around the world also causes illegal migration to increase.

They don’t just go through risky illegal border crossings. They choose a safer solution by applying for a visa to travel, study abroad, work, work… to set foot in a more developed or stable country. Then from there, he escaped and stayed. Therefore, visa approval is becoming more and more strict. To identify the right person and the right purpose declared in the visa application.

The nature of visa application review is to see if the visa applicant has the right purpose. Each country has different political institutions, levels of economic development, and security situations. Through visa review, subjects with entry restrictions can be denied depending on that country’s policy. And refuse visa applicants for the wrong purpose.

Types of visas

Each country has different classification methods and different visa type names. The common classification is as follows:

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In terms of form, it can be classified into visas stuck on the passport and electronic visas. In terms of purpose, visas are divided into: immigration, tourism, business, family visit, trade, business, medical examination and treatment, labor, study abroad visas… a>

In addition, it can be classified according to the number of entries: single-entry visa and multiple-entry visa. Or visa duration has short-term visa and long-term visa. Some special types of visas such as Schengen Visa, Visa on arrival, Landing visa.

Paper visa

The most common type of visa, when issued, it will be stamped directly on the passport. Many countries are using this type of visa for Vietnamese citizens such as: USA, Canada, England, Germany, France, Korea, China, Japan…


E-visa, also known as electronic visa, is a more modern alternative to paper visas. Usually a printed pdf file attached to the passport. Some countries are applying e-visa to Vietnamese citizens including: Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, India, Pakistan…

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is a type of visa issued at the airport. There are very few countries that grant this type of visa to Vietnamese citizens. For example: Nepal, East Timor, Iran, Maldives… For these countries, just fly to the designated airport. After presenting a valid Vietnamese passport, round-trip flight ticket or to a third country, you will be issued a visa on arrival and pay the fee right at the airport.

Landing visa

This is a type of visa issued at the border gate. You can apply for a visa in advance at the Embassy, ​​Consulate General or do the procedures right at the border gate upon entry. Some Central Asian, East Asian, and South American countries apply this type of visa to Vietnamese citizens.

Show Schengen

Schengen visa is a common visa for 26 countries in the Schengen area. Possessing this visa, you are free to travel between countries in the bloc without having to apply for a separate visa for each country. The Schengen area includes the following 26 European countries:

Austria, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,  Malta, Norway, France, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy

Visa free

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Some countries waive visas for Vietnamese people for a certain period of entry. You just need to hold your passport and you can pack your backpack and go. Typical in this group are countries in the Asean bloc

Visa policy for Vietnamese citizens

To see what visa policy the country you want to visit applies to Vietnamese citizens

Types of visa replacement documents

Visa is just a common document allowing entry. In addition to visas, there are other documents allowing entry. Typical examples are laissez-passers and APEC cards.


A travel document is a document issued by a competent authority of one country to citizens of another country. That citizen can use the laissez-passer to enter and exit the country that issued the pass for a certain period of entry.

Travel documents also have different names depending on the country. But the essence is the same. Usually issued to citizens of neighboring countries residing close to the border. Or under a conditional visa exemption policy.

APEC card

The full English name of the APEC card is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card. Abbreviated as ABTC. A card for businessmen from APEC countries. Businessmen who own an APEC card have the right to enter and exit all countries in the APEC bloc without needing a visa within 5 years.

The full Vietnamese name of APEC is “Asia-Pacific Economic Forum”. Includes 19 member countries and 2 members in the transition period:

  • 5 countries in the Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru.
  • 3 Australasian countries: Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea.
  • 12 Asian countries: Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam.
  • 1 European country: Russia.


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