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What are accounting and inventory documents? Accounting documents are original documents, have evidence and legality, and inventory is a method of directly and on-site checking the existing number of assets to compare with data provided by accountants.

To better understand this issue, Tin Viet would like to answer in detail in the following article.


I. Accounting documents

1. Concept and economic and legal meaning of accounting documents

Documents are papers and information carriers (computer disks, CDs) used to prove economic transactions that have occurred and actually been completed.
Accountants base on the content of documents to analyze and record in accounting books.

For example:

  •  Payment slips, Receipt slips, Sales invoices, etc.
  •  Debit note, Credit note, Salary payment sheet,…
  • Delivery bill receipt,…

All economic transactions that arise must be verified by accounting documents to ensure legality.
Accounting vouchers are original documents with evidence and legality. The content of the document must have all the following information: Name, document number, date of document preparation, unit of preparation, unit receiving the document, economic content of the arising economic operation, numerical index. quantity, value of the transaction, signatures of relevant people: Payer, payee, consignee, delivery person, person in charge of the unit…

Documents must be accurate, complete, timely, legal and valid

2. Classify documents

  • Accounting documents are divided into 2 types: Original documents & Bookkeeping documents.
  • Original documents are documents that are created immediately when an economic transaction occurs or has just been completed.
  • Bookkeeping vouchers are used to synthesize original documents of the same type to reduce the amount of accounting records.

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3. Document processing order

The document processing sequence includes the following steps:

  • Check document.
  •  Complete documents.
  •  Circulate documents.
  • Preserving documents.

II. Inventory

1. Concepts

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Inventory is a method of directly and on-the-spot checking of the current number of assets to compare with data provided by accountants.
When taking inventory, the following cases may occur:

  •  Excess in inventory: Inventory data > Accounting data.
  •  Excess in inventory: Inventory data < Accounting data.

2. Inventory classification

According to the scope of inventory, it can be divided into two types:

  • Partial inventory: Is an inventory performed only for one type or several types of assets in an enterprise.
  • Complete inventory: Is an inventory performed for all types of assets in the enterprise.

According to time, inventory is also divided into two types:

  • Periodic inventory: Is an inventory with a predetermined time for inventory, depending on the type of asset, different times are determined, such as cash that must be inventoryed every day, raw materials that must be inventoryed monthly.
  • Abnormal inventory: An inventory that does not have a predetermined time but occurs suddenly when signs of violations or loss of assets in the enterprise are detected.

3. Method

  •  Inventory by direct method: weighing, measuring, etc.
  •  Inventory using the method of checking and comparing,…

III. The role of accounting in inventory

Accounting plays an important role in a business’s inventory work because it is first required that the accountant be a key member of the inventory committee and then resolve asset differences on the inventory record.

Before taking inventory, accountants base on the business’s situation to develop an inventory plan.

During the inventory, the accountant must check the records on the inventory record, compare the data between the accounting books and the inventory record to determine the difference in assets in the enterprise.
After inventory, the accountant, based on the inventory results and management’s opinions, records and adjusts data in the accounting books.

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3.1 Service company accounting service packages

There are 3 service company accounting service packages you can choose from: monthly accounting services, quarterly service accounting, and annual full service accounting. Each service package has its own characteristics, depending on the store’s needs, there is a suitable choice.

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a) Monthly accounting services:

For businesses that register for monthly reporting, large-scale businesses with continuous business activities that need to process documents daily to ensure accuracy and balance. timely.
Advantages: Fast, accurate, ensures progress and large workload. Business documents are handled legally and clearly. Easily retrieve data when needed.

b) Quarterly accounting services:

For businesses that register for quarterly reports, small and medium-sized businesses, operations that do not have many costs incurred, and few documents.
Advantages: Helps businesses plan and complete all operations related to accounting and tax reporting in accordance with state regulations and requirements. Handle other related issues quickly. Save time and money.

c) Accounting services by year:

For businesses that want to synchronize all accounting documents and need a business representative to handle all issues related to accounting, taxes, business legal…
Advantages: Minimize all risks and problems that arise for businesses.

3.2 Policies and commitments

As a unit that directly supports customers in all services, Tin Viet commits to:

Consulting and supporting customers on all issues related to accounting, tax and legal issues.

Records and documents are accurate, transparent and in accordance with the law.

Reasonable costs, no additional costs.

Prepare documents and books on time.

Business representatives work with state agencies and departments.

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