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What is Lifestyle? Today’s Modern Lifestyle of Young People

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The term Lifestyle first appeared in 1929 by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in his book The Case of Miss R. The meaning of the term lifestyle according to him is the way people behave and face everything in life and how to handle them, from material to mental things.

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    Lifestyle, also known as lifestyle, is being commonly used and is gradually becoming a hot trend phrase in modern life today, especially young people. But in fact, there are still some people who do not understand what lifestyle is, what it means, and how to identify their own lifestyle. Let newslax.com answer your questions and let you know about the modern lifestyle of young people today. 

    1 Definition of lifestyle

    What is Lifestyle?

    Lifestyle is understood as a lifestyle formed from an early age by being exposed to and influenced by the surrounding environment. Each lifestyle will bring its own value to the world. 

    Lifestyle is formed by factors such as: needs, motivations, and desires of each person, thereby forming an individual’s style.

    However, there are many personal styles that go against social norms and are not recognized. That will make it difficult for you to integrate into the community and you need to be flexible and reconcile your personal style with a civilized living culture. 

    2 How to identify an individual’s lifestyle

    The way to identify an individual’s lifestyle is confirmed through the following two common ways: 

    • Identify personal lifestyle through each person’s behavior, communication and preferences, how to communicate and solve problems. Through communication, you can imagine the other person’s personality and lifestyle that has been formed up to now, as well as understand each other’s living situation and clearly understand the factors that influence the formation of each other. form a personal lifestyle. 
    • Another way to identify personal style is to rely on each person’s consumption behavior in everyday things such as spending, eating, working, playing, etc.

    3 Meaning of forming personal lifestyle

    Personal lifestyle

    Forming a personal lifestyle will help you avoid being overshadowed in society and also create a great source of motivation to promote your own development and strive to achieve your set goals. 

    Forming a personal lifestyle is extremely important, because then you will be noticed by many people and impressed by your unique lifestyle through communication together. 

    Thanks to that, you will easily find friends with similar personalities as well as people with the same ideals of life and the same way of looking at problems. Through that, you will find your soulmate, share life stories with each other and give each other sincere advice. 

    4 What factors are Lifestyle influenced by?

    Today’s young people’s lifestyle is influenced by many different factors to form and build a positive lifestyle. Besides, influential people on social networks are also an image for many people to pursue and imitate to have a good, healthy lifestyle. 

    Lifestyle is the lifestyle of each individual formed from an early age, so it is directly affected by family living circumstances, education, customs and traditions as well as the way of communication between people. 

    Living situation and education: Each person will have their own family situation, some are rich and some are poor, so their lifestyle is different. Each person’s education is not the same because each parent will have a different way of raising their children and will educate them to be good people based on their inherent abilities. Therefore, sometimes life style will also be influenced by family factors. 

    Customs and habits: The concepts and ways of life of each locality are different, so they partly affect the formation of lifestyle. Each locality will have its own culture, language, and customs, so people will be easily influenced and have habits specific to the local culture.

    Ways of communication: The ways of communication and behavior of your parents or relatives around you also have an influence on the formation of your lifestyle. If you were born into a happy family with stable economic conditions, you will certainly be taught and nurtured well to form a healthier, more positive lifestyle. 

    5 Some modern lifestyle styles today

    No one can live and work without their preferences and style to achieve greater efficiency. Therefore, each person will have a unique lifestyle and their own goals they want to achieve in life. Many people will pursue and develop themselves the way they want and choose the style that best suits their personality. 

    Here are some modern song styles pursued by today’s youth:

    5.1 Lagom style – Enough is happiness

    Lagom Lifestyle

    Lagom is a word in the Swedish dictionary and is considered their standard style. This is the traditional lifestyle of the people here, so this is one of the happiest countries in the world.

    Lagom means just enough, neither too much nor too little. Often people who live in this style often have the mindset of less is more, have a minimalist lifestyle but do not ignore the elegant pleasures in life. 

    Many people always see this as an outdated lifestyle because they always want to get more and never feel enough. Lagom is a style that helps them control themselves and live contentedly with what they have, without exceeding their limits. 

    5.2 Hygge style – Happiness from small things

    Hygge lifestyle

    Hygge in Danish means happiness, this is a desirable lifestyle imbued with the core personality of the Danes. They always feel happy from the smallest things that exist around their lives. In Denmark, there are often happy Fridays such as Toy Friday, Gathering Friday, etc. It is a time for people to enjoy happy moments with family and friends. 

    However, with today’s luxurious life that many people desire, Hygge style is far away. Slow down and enjoy the simple things to feel more balanced and comfortable in your life. Integrate with nature, don’t think too much to experience a better life. 

    5.3 Ikigai Style – The reason to wake up every morning

    Ikigai style is understood as a lifestyle of looking for something new in life to achieve your goals. Or in other words, why do you wake up every morning? 

    Ikigai lifestyle

    The Ikigai lifestyle is not only about setting future goals but also about motivating yourself to develop day by day to pursue your passions and interests to effectively achieve your goals. 

    Finding a reason to wake up every day is not difficult, you can easily realize your goals thanks to contact with many people and hearing their stories. From those relationships, you will find a reason to wake up every morning to improve yourself and achieve your goals faster and faster. 

    5.4 Frilufts Livs Style – Return to Mother Nature

    Frilufts Livs Lifestyle

    The Fruiluts Livs lifestyle is the Norwegian way of life, a way of life that brings oneself back to nature, a peaceful and gentle life to liberate the soul. 

    People who live in this style often have hobbies like being in harmony with mother nature such as climbing mountains, swimming, camping, etc. to enjoy fresh air and see nature as a place to experience and reduce anxiety and stress. after tiring days of work. 

    Nature is being cared for by everyone and protecting the atmosphere for everyone to always be clean. This lifestyle is suitable for nature lovers, helping you have a better, more peaceful life. 

    5.5 Wabi sabi – Beauty from imperfection

    This is the way of life of ancient Japanese people, always happy with the smallest imperfect things. The Wabi Sabi lifestyle teaches people about change and teaches themselves how to accept imperfect things completely. 

    To pursue and form the Wabi Sabi lifestyle is not difficult, you just need to observe and make efforts every day, be altruistic and look at all problems easily so that life goes more smoothly. 

    6 Conclusion

    Each person will have a different life and a unique lifestyle of their own. Through this article, have you understood what lifestyle is? Hopefully the above shares of NEWSLAX.COM will help you recognize a personal lifestyle that is appropriate, healthy and in harmony with the surrounding environment. 

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