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Establishing a company is the first step for individuals and organizations to conduct business activities in accordance with the law. However, for the company to actually operate, the company also needs to go through other procedures such as tax procedures, invoices, digital signatures… Therefore, Newslax International Law Firm with many years of experience in This license field would like to provide the latest full company establishment service in 2023, introduce and compare to help you with the most detailed price list, procedures, and time to establish a company for your reference.

Latest fee schedule for company establishment and business establishment services in 2023.

BASIC PACKAGE2,000,000 VND  Legal advice, document preparation and submission to sign documents to establish a nationwide company
. Customers make a power of attorney so that Firm helps customers submit documents, pay fees, post establishment announcements and process documents at the Business Registration Office. Engraved company seal. Get a business license. Free opening of a bank account. Customers will receive documents and related documents after completing establishment procedures including: license, seal and internal company records.
TIME 5 – 7 working days
COMPLETE PACKAGE3,000,000 VND Consulting on related procedures after establishment.Legal advice, document preparation and submission for signing of establishment documents nationwide
.Customers make a power of attorney so that Firm helps customers submit documents, pay fees, post establishment announcements and process documents at the Business Registration Office.Engraved company seal.Get a business license .Engraved with the title of Director.Free opening of a bank account.Company sign (mica) 20*30cm.Initial tax declaration.Customers will receive documents and related documents after completing establishment procedures including: license, seal and internal company records.
TIME 7 – 10 working days
LEGAL STANDARD PACKAGE5,000,000 VND Consulting and business establishment registration:Open a bank account, declare and pay
initial taxes:Business management consulting:Endow:Free digital signature for 01 yearFree 700-digit electric billFree 6-month legal consulting package for businesses to operate
in accordance with the lawFree drafting package of 10 sample contracts
TIME10 -12 working days

Consulting before establishing a company to avoid disadvantages when registering your own business

  • Consulting on legal regulations on establishing a comprehensive company.
  • Consulting on all types of companies ;
    • Consulting on how to set the Company Name (Vietnamese Name, English Name and Abbreviated Name);
  • Consulting on headquarters address, branch/representative office address, business location;
  • Full consultation on business lines ;
  • Consulting company members, legal representatives /authorized representatives;
  • Consulting on company charter capital ;
  • Consulting on drafting internal corporate documents;
  • Legal advice on internal management and business for Enterprises;
  • Legal advice within the first 3 months so that the business can operate legally and for life if anything arises due to errors. 

Consulting on all-inclusive company establishment procedures

Step 1: Draft and submit business registration documents

  • Business registration documents are fully draftedYour job is to pick up the phone, call the Hotline or send an email request, we will have a consultant directly advise you;
  • The specialist will draft the documents and bring them to the customer’s location upon request. During the drafting process, typographical errors sometimes occur, so please carefully check your personal information before signing any documents;
  • After completing the application, the specialist submits the application online or directly to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Step 2: Monitor and pay fees 

  • Announce information and receive business registration results and hand over to customers
  • Understanding the psychology of customers who always want their identification paperwork to be done quickly, thoughtfully, and on time. Therefore, We is committed to always focusing on monitoring and reporting the progress of documents as a step in the process so that customers can feel secure when using services at our facility.
  • For all procedures, we will represent you to the Business Registration Office to receive the license according to the appointment letter or receive the results at the company’s post office address;
  • After receiving the Business Registration Certificate in hand, we will proceed with the procedure to publish the business registration content on the national information portal and promptly carry out the post-establishment steps.

Step 3: Engrave the legal entity seal

  • Customers can engrave their legal stamp and legal name for their business themselves or let us engrave them;
  • You decide on the style of the seal and the number of seals and send i . The company engraves seals for customers at reputable engraving facilities;
  • Normally, the procedure for engraving a company’s seal takes 1-3 days. We have the ability to engrave and deliver to customers within the same day upon request.

Step 4: Complete administrative procedures after company establishment

After completing the above steps, will continue to support customers in completing administrative procedures after establishing the company. These procedures include:

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  • Tax registration
  • Register land use
  • Register to use a bank account
  • Register to use the company’s security service
  • Other legal procedures

We will guide and support customers in completing the above procedures to ensure that the company’s operations are carried out fully and legally. Customers can rest assured that International Law Firm will accompany them throughout the establishment and operation of the company.

Procedures after establishing a company 

Open a bank account for your business

  • A business bank account is a separate account, separate from the personal accounts of the business owner or capital contributors.
  • To open a bank account, customers need to prepare the license + seal and related banking forms, go directly to the bank you want to open an account to perform the same procedure as opening a bank account. individual. 

Responsibility for carrying out initial tax documents for the business

The initial tax declaration dossier for the company includes the following roadmap:

  • Receive license tax declarations and payment slips to the state budget;
  • Company registration certificate (02 copies);
  • ID card of the legal representative (02 copies);
  • Power of attorney (if not the director);
  • Registration table for depreciation of fixed assets;
  • Official dispatch on registration of implementation of accounting and invoice forms and regimes (2 copies);
  • Decision to appoint director (if any);
  • Decision to appoint accountant (if any);

Register for a digital signature to pay taxes electronically and report taxes via the Internet

  • Currently, digital signatures are considered an almost mandatory device because tax authorities have gradually converted to receiving online tax declarations, receiving tax payments online, etc. In anticipation of the changes of the times, Digital signature device is data stored in a USB device (also known as TOKEN). When you plug the USB into your computer, you can electronically sign procedures such as: Declare social insurance, pay taxes online; Customs declaration,…
  • There are many carriers providing digital signatures on the market. Depending on the reputation, quality, and customer care service, each Token network will sell this device at different costs. The price of digital signature services usually fluctuates around 1 million to 2 million per year depending on the network operator. You can consider using digital signatures of typical reputable network operators in the community such as: Viettel-CA, NCCA, Thai Son – CA, Misa-CA,…

Register for electronic tax payment

  • In the past, every time it was time to pay taxes, company accountants had to line up at tax offices to wait for their turn to pay taxes, but now banks and tax authorities have joined forces to offer registration services. Pay taxes electronically through your bank account.
  • Even more convenient, because we are partners with banks, this procedure will be flexibly handled online staff without the need for customers to go to the bank to do it directly. All procedures when coming to become simple, with the spirit of bringing absolute satisfaction to customers.

Electronic invoice issuance documents supported

  • The Invoice Issuance Decision form issued by the company has full information of the electronic invoice network; invoice quantity; invoice symbol,…;
  • Invoice templates are designed specifically according to each customer’s requirements. In particular, the invoice design package is included for free when customers buy invoices at our partner invoice provider. Customers can absolutely request to attach company logo templates to invoices to create customized invoice templates and make a strong impression on customers.

Issue electronic invoices

Currently, the invoice issuance notification procedure is carried out online without the need for tax authorities to check or verify the address. Therefore, we at will apply all the advantages of Information Technology into the application process to bring the most convenience and ease to customers. After being approved for online issuance, customers can immediately use the invoice after 1-3 working days.

Complete procedures for printing and issuing VAT invoices to businesses

  • Enterprises order printing of VAT invoices + Carry out procedures to submit notice of issuance of VAT invoices after obtaining approval results for ordering the printing of this type of invoice.
  • Enterprises are required to post or hang “sample invoice copy 2” at the company headquarters.

Complete other business conditions for conditional business lines

Conditional business sectors are those sectors in which to carry out business activities, organizations and individuals must fully meet the conditions and requirements of materials, equipment, techniques, and qualifications. expertise, health, security and order, environment,…

Completing other business conditions for conditional business lines is very important, otherwise organizations and individuals will not be granted business licenses. Specific conditions and procedures will vary depending on the industry.

What do you need to prepare to use the comprehensive company establishment service?

Customers need to prepare and do the following to save time in preparation:

  • Provide business address (First, will check this address for a license)
  • Prepare the company name (Lawyers will check first if it is issued)
  • Determine expected business lines. For example: construction, furniture, real estate, etc. experts will develop and apply detailed industry specifications as required.
  • Determine the capital contribution of the business (if the company has many shareholders, please tell us how much each person contributes)
  • Prepare ID card or CCCD or notarized photocopy of passport of all sponsors within 3 months. If not notarized, please provide the original will assist free of charge.
  • For the rest, commits to do everything on your behalf and is responsible for ensuring the rights of the subject.

Responsibilities of when providing full company opening services to customers

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Committed to providing customers with professional company opening services and fully meeting the provisions of law. We are committed to ensuring that the company opening process is carried out quickly and effectively, helping customers save time and costs.

In addition, will ensure the legality of the company opening process, from business registration to tax and financial related procedures. We will ensure that customers will not encounter any legal problems after completing the company opening procedures.

We understand that starting a company can be a complicated process and requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we are committed to accompanying customers in the process of opening a company and meeting all of their requirements with the best speed and quality possible.

Why should customers choose the full company establishment service?

Firm commits to providing customers with professional company establishment services and fully meeting the provisions of law. We understand that the process of establishing a company can be difficult and complicated, so we accompany our customers throughout this process.

With a team of experienced and highly specialized lawyers, firm will help customers complete company establishment procedures as quickly and effectively as possible. We will guide and support customers from the time of business registration until the completion of administrative procedures after establishing the company.

In addition, firm is committed to ensuring the legality of the company opening process, from business registration to tax and financial procedures. We will ensure that customers will not encounter any legal problems after completing the company opening procedures.

Firm commits to accompanying customers throughout the establishment and operation of the company. We will help customers complete administrative procedures after establishing a company, including tax registration, land use registration, bank account registration, and security service registration. company and other legal procedures to ensure the company’s operations are carried out fully and legally.

Therefore, if you are in need of establishing a company, Firm is the perfect choice for you. We are committed to providing customers with quality services and fully meeting legal regulations.

Frequently asked questions/Situations when choosing a comprehensive company establishment service 

What is the concept of establishing a full-service company?

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Full-service company establishment is a service that provides a full range of necessary services for the company establishment process , including consulting on procedures, license registration, financial reporting, and registration support. taxes, providing business address and other legal procedures.

What is the concept of company establishment services?

Company establishment service is a type of support and consulting service for the company establishment and registration process, including advice on company form, legal procedures, document preparation, and procedural handling. Registration procedures and support in completing the company establishment process.

Why should you use company establishment services?

Benefits of using a comprehensive company establishment service : All documents and procedures will be completed fully and quickly, avoiding the situation where businesses travel many times and documents are incomplete.

Getting advice or support on required procedures after establishing a business will help you feel secure in your business path to quickly reach success. If you have any questions about the service, do not hesitate to contact for the most timely and professional consulting support.

What do you need to prepare when performing a full company establishment service?

To establish a full-service company, you only need to provide notarized copies of ID/CCCD/Passport of all individuals contributing capital. Will prepare the remaining documents for you.

How much does a company establishment service cost? Is it reputable if it’s cheap?

Depending on your needs, we will have suitable service packages, such as: Basic package, Complete package, Legal standard package. See details in the price list of comprehensive company establishment services at the beginning of this article.

How long does it take to establish a company?

  • It only takes about 3-5 working days. 
  • 01 day to prepare documents, present to customers to sign and submit documents to the Department of Planning and Investment
  • 03 days for the Department of Planning and Investment to check the documents and issue the Certificate

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