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Water is most important for our life. The water in our bodies is essential for life. Without water we ca not survive. Do you know seventy percent part of our body is water. Since the water in our bodies is continually use or lost. Life is impossible without water. It needs to be continually replaced water. Water is most important for our life. If your mouth feel drier than usual and increasing your water intake is not helping. Then meet with your doctor and share your problem with them.

We found water in nature all of three types of natural properties. Water can be a solid. Solid water example is ice.Water can be a liquid. Liquid water is that which we drink everyday. Water can be a gas. Which we get after boiling of water. But all three types of properties of water depending on the temperature it has. At thirty two degree Fahrenheit which is zero degree Celsius water freezes and turns into ice. It expands and becomes lighter weight. As a result ice floats on water. At two hundred twelve degree Fahrenheit which is hundred degree Celsius water starts boils and escapes as a vapour into the air. Water after boiling change into gas.

Water also carries helpful and best nutrients.Water also give oxygen to your entire body. So this is so important for life. Reaching your daily water intake will improve your circulation for good health. Can you imagine earth without water. The soil, without water and no anything growing on soil, would be lifeless. So the water is most important for our life. The earth used to be like a sponge. But on the whole earth the groundwater has been sucked almost dry. Because of this our earth has collapsed.


  • One of most useful work of cooking, we always do it with water.
  • We always washing our body with water.
  • We washing our clothes with water.
  • washing cooking and eating utensils, such as billies, saucepans, crockery and cutlery.
  • Water is also washing our car, body, bike and most of things.
  • Water is keeping houses and communities clean always.
  • One of the use of water is recreation, such as swimming pools.
  • Water keeping plants alive in gardens and parks. Because of this we can take fresh breath.
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