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Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. Because, teeth are chew food and digest food for us. Humans being use teeth to chew food in the first step of digestion. Teeth also make our face beautiful to look. Here are mostly four types of teeth in humans.

First type of teeth are incisors. Incisors teeth are four front teeth in upper and lower jaws. Second type of teeth are Canines. Canines are four teeth in our body. Two teeth in the maxillary arch and two in the mandibular area. Canines teeth are behind to the incisors teeth. Third type of teeth are premolars. Premolars teeth are eight in all of teeth. Premolars teeth are located behind to the canines teeth Premolars teeth are designed to crush food. Fourth type of teeth are Molars. Molars are most posterior teeth in the mouth. Molars are twelve in our mouth. These teeth cut food properly. These teeth have two roots. Here are some of tips for best care and protection teeth.

  • Brush teeth two times everyday in the morning and evening after take food.
  • Use always fluoride toothpaste. Because fluoride toothpaste is best for making our teeth strong.
  • You also need to floss between teeth every day for properly cleaning of teeth.
  • Visit a dentist in every four to five months for best care of teeth.
  • Do not eat sugary foods. Because sugary food is dangerous for teeth.
  • Always use soft and best quality brush for teeth.
  • Avoid too cold food like ice cream, ice etc. Because it can harm teeth.
  • Always avoid too hot food and drinks like hot tea, coffee etc.
  • Do not eat sugary food like candy, soda, chocolate, sweets, snacks. Because more sugary food harm our teeth enamel layer.
  • Always eat crunchy fruits and vegetables for best teeth.
  • Always eat well balanced diet for best care and protection of teeth.
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