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Resources are the elements that are found in nature and very useful for us. So, we can tell the natural resources. Natural resources are fuels like diesel, petrol, oil, natural gas, charcoal, many types materials like iron, gold, aluminium, copper, silver, coal and timber mean wood. Here are two types of natural resources, Renewable natural resources or non renewable natural resources. Renewable natural resources are those resources that are substituted, For example animals plants, solar energy and forests. Non renewable are those resources that exist in limited amounts in nature, For example fossil fuels, natural gas, coal etc.

We properly know about that the natural resources are limited time with us. In future natural resources will finish if we not save these in present time. So, Here is a look at some of the best ways in which these resources can be save.

  • We need to reduce water consumption. Water is most important for our life. Without water our life is impossible. Water is available in abundance on Earth. But we need to save it in a lot. If we continue to use it, we may not be left in the future days.
  • We need to reduce usage of electricity. Always off all the electricity items if not in use. Switch off your fan and TV if not in use.
  • Always grow new trees and save trees. If we save our trees we get oxygen and wood from trees. Because, trees are also most important for life.
  • Always restrict usage of paper. If we restrict the usage of papers it mean we save trees for earth.
  • We need to reuse that things which can we use again. In our life are many of things such as paper, cardboard, plastic things, metal things, aluminium foil, glass bottles water that can be reused. So we need to recycle these things always.
  • We need to use of renewable natural resources such as solar energy, hydro power and wind power. It is too important for natural resources.

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