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The fuel is most important for world. The world depends on a fossil fuels for energy. We get many types of fossil fuels from nature for examples gasoline, coal, natural gases, uranium, water, solar energy. Most of the fuels come from non-renewable sources. We can use that fuel only one time. Everyday, people cook, drive, clean and in most of works using various types of fuels. Human use gasoline for vehicles which is non renewable fuel. We use natural gases for cooking food in our kitchen which is also a non renewable fuel. Most of coal is using for making electricity. If we use coal one time after that we can’t use it again in future. Water is fuel of life, because sixty percent to seventy five percent water in our body. We use water to bath, drink, clean cars, wash clothes, cook food and clean floor every day. So we want to tell you many important tips for saving our important fuel for future life.


  • Turn off the car engine on the red signal if you need to wait for some long time.
  • Do not carrying extra cargo,if not needed in transit, because extra cargo and luggage burning of more fuel.
  • Make sure regular maintenance of your vehicle for saving fuel.
  • Make sure your tyres air pressure is correct. If air pressure is best in tyres it will save more of fuel and environment for us. You need to also check tyres temperature for environment.
  • Always drive at designated speed limits. If you drive fast it will loss more fuel. So always drive in limit.
  • Always to reduce use of the air conditioning for save fuel for nature.
  • Keep your car windows closed while you driving.
  • Buy an energy-efficient vehicle for save our environment.
  • Use solar panels for home energy. Because if we use solar energy we can save our fossil fuels for earth and environment.
  • Always be serious for natural fossil fuels. Save fuel and save environment.

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