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Ears are most important part of human body. Ears helps us to hearing sound. If your hearing is damaged, it is not easy gone for good. Ear have three parts. Outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear are part of ear. Outer ear comprises everything you can see down the ear canal to the drum of ear. One of the part of middle ear have the 3 smallest bones in the body. These smallest bones transmit sound vibrations from the ear drum to the inner ear. After inner drum get middle drum sound when we hear. Inner drum transfer sound signals to brain and after that we take any decision to that sound. Here is the some of best tips below to protecting your ears and hearing power.

  • Stop using cotton swabs for clean your ears. Cotton swabs are not good for ear because it can damage ear and loss ear’s hearing power.
  • Always keep your ears dry because excess moisture can allow unwanted bacteria to enter and attack the ear canal from inside.
  • If you experience pain in your ears, contact to your primary care physician specialist.
  • Always use soundproof earplugs for ear’s care.
  • If you are exposing your ears to loud sounds, consider taking a little break every few minutes if possible. It is too important for care of ears and hearing health.
  • Turn the volume down of the television, radio, music and any type of musical instrument.
  • Always avoid loud noise and sound place.
  • Try one or two drop of olive oil in each ear one time in a week to soft earwax.
  • Always wear helmet when you drive bike because it is better for ears health.
  • Always use earplugs to protect your ears from dust and loud noise place.
  • Wear always ear protectors if you are using noisy equipment like drills machine, any type of saws etc.
  • Always care your ears for best hearing power because ears are most important for hear.
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