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Preliminary English Test (PET) is an intermediate-level certificate. PET certifies students’ ability to use English skills in work, study and travel.

The PET level is most suitable when students are between  the ages of 13-15 years old

Cambridge English: Preliminary is ranked at  Level B1  of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). At this level, learners can express their limited views on abstract, cultural issues or give advice in familiar fields, read and understand daily articles and information as well as such as writing letters and taking key notes on familiar matters.

The Cambridge PET exam was last updated in January 2020 with the following section structure:

Reading section (45 minutes) includes 6 parts/ 32 questions: Test your ability to read and understand the main content of signs, magazines and books. (accounting for 25% of the total score).

Part 1 : Choose the correct answer (multiple-choice questions)

Part 2: Matching

Part 3: Choose the correct answer (multiple-choice questions)

Part 4: Choose the correct sentence to fill in the blanks (gapped text)

Part 5: Choose the correct word to fill in the blank (multiple choice cloze)

Part 6: Fill in the blanks (open cloze)

The Writing section (45 minutes) includes 2 parts/2 questions: Check correct vocabulary and grammar usage. (accounting for 25% of the total score).

Part 1: Writing emails

Part 2: Write an article/story (choose 1 of 2 sentences)

The Listening section (30 minutes including 6 minutes to transfer answers to the answer sheet) includes 4 parts/ 25 questions: Tests the ability to understand and follow spoken materials such as announcements and discussions about daily life. (accounting for 25% of total score)

Part 1: Choose the correct answer (multiple choice)

Part 2: Choose the correct answer (multiple choice)

Part 3: Fill in the blanks (gap fill)

Part 4: Choose the correct answer (multiple choice)

The Speaking section (about 12 minutes for each candidate) consists of 4 parts: Test your speaking ability by asking and answering questions, talking directly with 1 or 2 other candidates to make this test realistic and more reliable. (accounting for 25% of total score)

Part 1: Interview

Part 2: Describe the painting

Part 3: Discussion

The PET test scoring method requires level B1 on the CEFR framework.

  • Achieving 160-170 points, candidates are certified to have passed level B1 to level B2.
  • Score 140-159 points: Reach B1 level
  • Scoring less than 140 points, candidates do not reach level B1, the result is recognized as level A2.

Candidates will receive a certificate and Statement of Results if they score 140 points or more (minimum score of level B1). If only 102-119 points are scored, candidates do not meet B1 level and will only receive a Scorecard. On the Certificate or Scorecard, there is no pass/fail result, only the test score and corresponding level of the candidate are recognized with their test score.

Cambridge PET certificate template

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