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Is computer dangerous for health



Computer may be so dangerous for our health. Working on the computer may be most relaxed of job in the world. But it is very tough for your body. Your body is not used to this modern type of work in computer. The majority of middle-class members of Americans own a computer also a smart phone. Middle class peoples are also buy other devices such as tablets, televisions and laptop. Computer and laptop may be so dangerous for our health. Computer and laptop produced radiation. This reality makes the idea of computer radiation. The radiation that much more alarming from one’s laptop, which is used for both work. That radiation is so dangerous for health. So do not use laptop and computer for long time without rest.

Computer and laptop besides eye problems resulting from staring at the screen such a close distance from your face. Many of others health problems can arise from too much body inactivity and disease. People absorbed in their computer tend to physical activities, for example instead of walking to the person in the other room, one simply sends an email/online chat message. Long time working online on the computer is also dangerous for health.


Always keep on some distance from your computer and laptop. Do not get too close to low frequency radiation devices. Do not use radio communication facilities in your computer, laptop, mobile phone and network equipment. Computer and Laptop more use may be dangerous for health. All the advice in this article boils down. Printers may be 18 inches away from desktop computer, and two feet from stand alone office printers.

  • Always sit at an adjustable desk specially best designed for using with computers.
  • Always have the computer monitor screen either at eye level or slightly lower down.
  • Always adjust your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor surface, or use a footstool for work on computer and laptop.
  • Computer and laptop more use may be dangerous for health.
  • Always use an best quality chair, specially best designed to help your spine hold its natural curve while sitting on your chair.
  • If have your keyboard at a height that lets your elbows rest comfortably at your sides.
  • Always give rest your eyes after twenty to twenty five minutes while you working on computer, laptop and mobile.
  • Computer and Laptop more use may be dangerous for health.
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