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iOS version 13 will released in September 2019



iOS version 13

The beta version of this operating system will be release by Apple in the first week of June. There is a lot of anticipation among the Apple users community as they wait for the beta release. There are a number of rumors about what features iOS Version 13 would have. Trending news and information on features. As well as leaks, presented in this article.

iOS 13 expected to released in September 2019 along with the new version of the iPhone. The beta version of the OS is ready and will be launched next week at the WWDC in San Jose, California. Apple would officially announce the features that this OS would have. The beta version would initially be available for paid developers. A public beta version for everyone is likely to be release towards mid or end June.

Features it could have

There have been rumors and leaks about iOS 13, codenamed Yukon. These have given the public an idea of what features this version of Apple’s proprietary operating system would have. Here are a few of the features iOS 13 is likely to have:

  • The dark mode is something Apple users have been expecting. This is believe to be available in this version and would allow users to use apps in a dark theme that would make it easier to view. This feature would be easy on the eyes for users. It makes it easier to view the apps at night. It is believe this mode would appear dark grey.
  • The home screen is expect to be redesign. Many of the apps are expect to be redesign.
  • The camera app is expect to undergo enhancements. More tools and ability to change resolution from within the app is expect to be included in the app.
  • An undo gesture is a likely feature, where you can use three fingers to slide left and right to undo and redo actions.
  • A volume popup used to be display over the app you were working. This issue is likely to be fix in this version.
  • New message features are likely to be implemen to make handling of messages between two users easier and more effective.
  • It is believe that a Swiftkey type of keyboard could be implement in iOS 13 where users can swipe on letters to create words.
  • A split view option is likely to be implement with users being able to split window with two apps running next to each other. This feature is already present in the iPad, it is likely to be implement on the iPhone.
  • Improvements in Siri are likely to be see in the new version.
  • There is a lot of excitement over iOS 13. It remains to be see how the final release would turn out to be.
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