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India buy Drone from US for security



India, one of the world’s largest armies, has several drones. These drones have been sought after in some recent missions. India uses drones imported from Israel. After the Kargil War of 1999, India purchased 200 drones from Israel. India owns two Israeli Heron and Surchar drone. Israel’s own Harop Killer drones for long range surveillance. India is planning to acquire the US’s sophisticated unmanned aerial reconnaissance aircraft with the addition of the Missile Technology Control System (MTCR). Final negotiations are underway. The Predator is currently the best drone in the arms market. It is hope that the United States will hand over Predator technology to enemy forces.

How drone finish terrorism

The Predator will help to track terrorists who cross the border from Pakistan and strengthen border security. The Predator drone has used successfully to monitor Taliban removal in Afghanistan. Predator drone radars that can be lower cannot be capture. None of America’s latest drones are on the radar. This allows the predator drone to travel thousands of kilometers safely and transfer the information to the relevant location. India buys Predator B. The US is not going to completely hand over the technology of this. No country will ever be able to completely deliver such weapons to technology. These drones will not get any of the advantages. To overcome these challenges, each country develops its own defense technologies.

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