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Huawei building a replacement f`or Google Play Store



Huawei issues

Huawei, the Chinese mobile company has been in the new recently. The company has involved in controversy over the past few months. Huawei is a Chinese company has accused of installing spyware in its devices. There were fear to expressed by the CIA, and the NSA that American officials using Huawei could be victims of spying by the company. On 15th May US President Trump issued an executive order allowing the federal government to regulate purchase of foreign communication equipment.

This was a major piece of bad news for Huawei. This has followed by Google complying with the federal order and suspending Huawei from using Android. While existing users won’t be affected for now. In future Huawei cannot use Google Play. It has to rely on an open source tool. Not having Google Play on its phone is likely to severely affect. The sales of Huawei not just in the US, but world over.

Plan B

Huawei who had anticipated this decision had reportedly been working on a Plan B to handle this issue. The company is planning to create its own operating system with its own Play store for apps. It is anticipate that this new operating system that Huawei launches would act be an alternative. In this operating systems available with Google and Windows. Huawei has confirmed that this new operating system will be launched outside China by the second quarter of 2020.

As per preliminary information it believed that the new operating system would use AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The new version would have the Huawei App Gallery Store, which was their replacement of Google Play Store. Huawei already has a version of its phone in China that uses the App Gallery Store in place of Google Play. This gives the company the confidence that it will succeed in its Plan B to offer an alternative to Google Play store.

Doomed to fail

Most experts believe that Huawei’s proposed alternative operating system is doomed to fail. The chances of it succeeding seem to be very less. Microsoft and Amazon were the only ones who attempted to challenge Google on this front. There was a bitter fight between Google and Microsoft over this issue. Amazon is failed to offering a new play store. That did not succeed and they had to drop the idea.

Google controls the use of Android and Samsung that tried to roll out its own Android implementation in 2014 had to roll back. Google has created its own apps that have access to Play Store and virtually force phone companies to include the Play Store on its device.

There is no doubt that Play Store, YouTube, Google Maps and Google search are the most popular apps. No one has been able to challenge these apps and it seems unlikely that can do it. Its plan B seems to be heading for failure.

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