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Honor Magicbook with super thin bezels



Honor Magicbook with super thin bezels will come soon. Earlier today, President Zhao Ming posted a photo of the Honor offices over on Weibo. We get our very first look at the latest version of the Magicbook. It has some extremely thin bezels this time around! Along with that, we’ve got another look at the 9X, and also a possible look at an Honor TV.

First, let’s take a closer look at the brand new Magicbook. As there are many details that need to be disassembled. First of all, we have several new very thin frames around the display of the device. There is also no visible front-facing camera, which probably means that we will see Honor’s pop-up camera coming back. As for the specifications, we can expect Intel i5-8265U with an NVIDIA MX250 GPU, with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

Next up, there’s the Honor 9X that’s sitting on the table next to the Magicbook. We have already heard a lot about the Honor 9X. So the picture doesn’t really reveal all that much other than the twilight colour scheme. The Honor 9X is set to launch on the 23rd of July, and it’ll have some pretty hefty specs. You can find a full rundown of the specs over here.

Last but not least, an inconspicuous TV is blocked in our corner. The fact that it blocked by a sticker may simply mean that it contains confidential information, but there is also a chance that it hides a possible new Honor TV! Although this is nothing concrete, watching Honor TV can be really interesting in the future. The picture of President Zhao Ming shows a completely new book Magicbook with ultra-thin frames,9X and TV. This is the one of best product of this company. Company has many facilities in this TV.

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