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OUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS IN CONTACT US PAGE operates the website, which provides the best information for health news and entertainment news. Website inform newest and latest HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT NEWS in all over the world.We tell about latest. Also information about what happen in our environment today like global warming,air pollution,water pollution or sound pollution etc.We tell about only latest tips create under our society.

Besides its comprehensive news coverage and updates every hour, offers a wide range of extraordinary insights on topics ranging from NEWS. is one of the leading consumer news websites aimed at helping people understand and use technology in a better way.

At newslax News, we serve the entertainment news in the town through our website and app, help our audience make better decisions through our detailed reviews, and produce high-quality videos on the tech that actually matters the most to the end consumer. is there to deliver amazing Information that inspire you and bring happiness to your life. This is the best site for entertainment news. The website offers interesting health and environment tips and latest from whole things in the world, in points and details with images. Organized by topic along with a large collection of the topics of latest health tips and many more. The quotations are arranged in posts for easy finding. Also, there’s a search box which lets you search by a word.Please visit our site at

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Rakesh- Chief Editor

A late bloomer but an early learner, Rakesh likes to be honestly biased. Though fascinated by the far-flung corners of the galaxy. He doesn’t fancy the idea of humans moving to Mars. Francisca is a Contributing Author for News trail. Be it latest news, breaking news, mobile devices, laptops, etc. he brings his passion for headlines news wherever he goes. Follow @Rakesh

Pooja – Senior Journalist

Pooja is our Journalist. Pooja is with a Degree in Journalism and English literature. She loves to research the latest of the news world. Pooja is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. Pooja is too strong in thoughts.We love your thoughts and insight. Did we mention that he is also a Pet Lover. Pooja can writes for many other pet and health websites on the net, including our own. Email: Follow @Pooja

Raman – Senior Journalist

I am an one of senior who believes hard work makes everything possible. I completed engineering computer science and Diploma in Sound Engineering. I can’t find my destiny on that. Writing are the only things which make me happy, joyful and satisfied. Email: Follow @Raman